Part Constitution


The Party Constitution

Approved by the founders and members of party on July 4, 2011

Updated by Consensus of Party Members in October of 2017


Name :
The official name of the political party shall be Jannat Pakistan Party, abbreviated as JPP

Flag of the Party :
The party JPP shall have ‘a bright red color flag’ ( Color Code Hex Triplet #FF0000 ) with a large white circle in the center and with Bismilla, written in black Kufi script, denoting The Universal Law of God which is the party manifesto.

The party flag shall be known as ‘Bismilla wala jhanda’ and all members shall pledge allegiance to it and to The Manifesto which it stands for. Members are expected to fly Bismilla wala jhanda with utmost honor and respect, adjacent to the Pakistan National Flag with due protocol.

If both flags are flown on a single post the Pakistan Flag shall always fly atop the party flag.

Symbol of the Party:  ‘Fountain or Fawwara ’ was adopted as official Symbol of the Party after it was granted by the Election Commission of Pakistan in Election 2013.

Central Office
The Central Office of the Party shall be at Jannat Manzil, King Edward Medical College Doctor’s Housing Society, Raiwind Road, Off Defence Road, Lahore.

Party Ideology: The Party Believes in Obedience to the Constitution and Laws of Pakistan.                           The Party denounces all human Sovereignty and embraces the Sovereignty of God. The Party celebrates ‘One Law of God that governs the Universe’ based on which, food, wealth and resources of the land of Pakistan must be made equally available to every citizen. The Party believes it to be a fundamental responsibility of the State to ensure that all citizens get an equal opportunity to develop their potentials. The Party celebrates that every citizen is a sovereign over himself, over his mind and over his body. Liberty, Equality and Rule of Law are the three cornerstone of the Party’s Manifesto.  The Party believes that power can never be exercised to restrain any any citizen against his will except if he or she poses a danger to self or others, or manifests a conduct of being gravely disabled.


A Party Member must possesses a valid Party ID Card in order to qualify as a VOTING MEMBER of PARTY

Party Membership shall be open to any individual above the age of 18, irrespective of religion, caste, color, creed, race, gender and nationality of origin.  There shall be no membership fee to join the party.  Members shall join through the party website  by registering their name, E mail address, city of residence and phone number. Members who do not have access to E mail or computer shall submit a paper membership application to any of the party offices and shall be registered on the party website

All Members shall be equally welcome to participate in party meetings and propagate the party ideology. All Members shall have an equal opportunity to participate in Party Elections whose process is outlined in the party’s constitution. Members shall commit themselves to propagate the Party Manifesto to establish a rule of law in Pakistan, based on The Law of God. Members shall pledge allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and to be law-abiding citizens. Members are expected to denounce bigotry, believe in tolerance, believe in equality of men and women in all walks of life and members shall not engage in segregation and discrimination of females in party meetings.

All Members shall have an equal opportunity to rise in the party ranks and become Members of Central Parliamentary Council of the party. All Members may have titles of Party as assigned to them.  These titles can be Member of Party, Rukn, Razakar, Khadim, Volunteer, Soldier of Party, Chowkidars, etc., and other titles as on Party Membership Website.  Party Members may voluntarily wear, at all Party Meetings and Ceremonials, the ceremonial Party Cap with Badge, Party Flag, Party Arm Band, Party Coat of Arms and other badges of the party.

Article 1, Clause A. Membership shall be ‘a privilege’ granted by consensus of the Central Executive Committee of JPP.

Article 1, Clause B.  Membership applicants shall undertake voluntarily, and in good faith, an Oath of Membership as it appears on Party Website and is copied below on page 6.

Article 1, Clause C.  Any Party Member may apply to become members of Parliamentary Council of the Party.

Article 1, Clause D.  Honesty and Loyalty are cornerstones of JPP membership. Dishonesty, Disloyalty and Falsifying any information on the application shall be grounds for termination and expulsion from Party Membership. The President shall notify the party member of any such disciplinary action. The member shall be given a due process to explain his misconduct and behavior. The decision of the Party President shall be final in all matters.

Party’s structure:  The structure of the party shall consist of the following institutions:

  1. Central Executive Committee
  2. Members
  3. Intra Party Election Committee
  4. Parliamentary Council
  5. Finance Committee
  6. Youth Activism Committee, The Eagles or ‘Warriors of Light.’


The President of the party shall be called ‘Chairman and Leader of Party’s Organization,’ who shall be the chief executive officer of the party and who shall nominate members of the Central Executive Committee of the Party.

Central Executive Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

The Committee shall comprise of eight members who have distinction in political knowledge and who have attained success in their personal businesses or professional careers. Central Executive Committee Members must possess a deep knowledge of Pakistan’s Constitution, Laws, and working of legislature. They must possess a clear understanding of Party Manifesto.  They must bear excellent moral character.  They are expected to have achieved extraordinary success in their fields of work. Central Executive Committee Members are expected to make a sincere commitment to sacrifice their wealth and possessions to establish a system of equality and justice in Pakistan.

The Central Executive Committee shall comprise of Party President and General Secretary who may act also as Treasurer of the Party. The Central Executive Committee may have an Acting Vice President in the absence of the President. The General Secretary or the Acting Vice President, at the discretion of the Party President may act and represent the President in all legal matters of the party.

Party President and General Secretary shall be elected by vote of the Party Members.  Voting shall be held by an Electronic Voting System also known as e-voting.  Only Registered Party Members having Party Membership cards shall be eligible to vote.  The Electronic Voting shall be supervised by 3 party members who shall be nominated by the Central Executive Committee.  They shall submit their results to the Party General Secretary.

 Any Member can nominate himself to be the Party President or General Secretary, but not both.

  1. Central Executive Committee Members shall serve a term of Eight years and shall be nominated by Party President.
  2. No person shall serve in the office of Central Executive Committee for more than two terms.
  3. All party matters shall be decided by consensus of the Central Executive Committee.
  4. The Central Executive Committee shall be the final body to approve and amend the Constitution of the Party. The process for amendment shall include a ‘motion of amendment’ approved by two thirds majority of the Central Executive Committee.
  5. Any member of Central Executive Committee can call for a meeting by notifying the Party President. The Party President shall be obligated to convene a meeting within 48 hrs. Agenda of the meeting shall be the responsibility of the member who called the meeting.
  6. Party President and Central Executive Committee Members shall convene to meet at least once a month on the first Friday of every month. The Party President shall nominate one of the Central Executive Committee Members to act as a note taker or scribe for the meetings and a documented record of the meetings shall be maintained.
  7. The Party President shall preside over the Central Executive Committee.
  8. Meetings shall be focused on the agenda items and shall not become forums for debate on interpretations of dogma and beliefs.
  9. Meetings of Central Executive Committee Members shall require a quorum and the presence of any five members of Central Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.
  10. All communication for scheduling of meetings shall be via E mail. Meetings may be conducted via Skype or WhatsApp or as circumstances may permit.
  11. Any member of the Central Executive Committees who fails to attend three consecutive meetings shall be asked to vacate the office and a new member shall be nominated by the President to the Central Executive Committee.
  12. Central Executive Committee shall accept applications from Members for their nomination as Candidates for National and Provincial Elections to be held under the Election Commission of Pakistan.
  13. Central Executive Committee Members shall decide which party members are to be given Party Tickets for Elections.
  14. If any difficulty arises in giving effect to any of the provisions of this Constitution, the President of the Party may make any such provisions for the removal of difficulty as he may deem fit.

From amongst the Central Executive Committee or Party Members, the Party President may nominate the following, at his discretion:

  1. Vice President of Central Executive Committee.
  2. Secretary General of the Central Executive Committee.
  3. Deputy Secretary General Central Executive Committee.
  4. Chairman Finance Committee.
  5. Deputy Chairman Finance Committee.
  6. Chairman, Election Committee.
  7. Chairman, Publicity Committee.
  8. Chairman, Youth Activism Committee for Warriors of Light


The Party shall have a Central Office to conduct and supervise the party’s electoral process involving elections to the following offices.

  1. Election to the Office of President of Party
  2. Election to the Office of General Secretary of Party

Intra Party Elections shall be duly advertised on Social Media and Party Website.  All Party members shall be encouraged to Vote.  Party President and General Secretary shall be elected by vote of the Party Members.  Voting shall be held by an Electronic Voting System also known as e-voting.  Only Registered Party Members having Party Membership cards shall be eligible to vote.  The Electronic Voting shall be supervised by 3 party members who shall be nominated by the Central Executive Committee.  They shall submit their results to the Party General Secretary.


Candidates for National and Provincial Assemblies of Pakistan shall constitute the Parliamentary Council of the Party.

Parliamentary Council shall have the following powers and functions.

  1. Party members can become members of the Parliamentary Council.
  2. Party Tickets for Elections 2018 shall be given to Party Members only. Applicants for elections shall have party support. They can do local fundraising for their election promotions. Applicants ar expected to be financially self sufficient.
  3. Party Tickets shall be given at the discretion and approval of the Central Executive Committee.
  4. After a Party Ticket is granted, the Party Member shall be called Party Nominee of the Constituency. Party Nominees shall have all authority to hold party meetings, fly party flags, hold corner meetings, press conferences, issue party invitations and press releases.
  5. Parliamentary Council Members must abide by party discipline and Oath of Membership. They shall not issue any press release that is detrimental to the Party’s Manifesto.
  6. To process a no-confidence motion against any nominee, a ‘no-confidence motion’ can be presented to the Central Executive Committee. A ‘due process’ shall be granted to the member against whom the motion is passed. Central Executive Committee Members shall decide the matter by their vote using fair and impartial judgment. A vote of five out of eight Central Executive Committee Members shall be the decision.


Publicity Committee shall have the following powers and functions.

  1. The Party shall have a publicity committee that shall supervise party website and shall be responsible and accountable for all matters of party publicity.
  2. A Chairman of Publicity Committee shall be nominated by the Party President.
  3. In order to function and fulfill the responsibility, Chairman Publicity Committee shall select team members from all areas of Pakistan and shall oversee the propagation of Party manifesto.


Party President  shall nominate any two Party Members to serve as as Members of Finance Committee.  They shall open and Operate the Party Bank Account.

Finance Committee shall have the following powers and functions.

Sections of Article 6.

  1. Finance Committee shall be responsible for the FUNDS of the party and shall open and operate the bank account for the party. Account shall be operative by one or two signatures of the Finance Committee members.
  2. Finance Committee shall oversee all fundraising activities of the party. They shall be authorized to appeal for funds to members and party supporters.
  3. President and members may contribute to the party funds from time to time, any sum of money which they can easily afford, not exceeding a sum of Rs. 20,000,000 (Twenty Lac) in any one financial year.
  4. Funds raised by donations from Certified Non Profit Organizations in USA or other Overseas countries shall be used exclusively for party’s ADOPT A FAMILY PROGRAM as described in the party’s manifesto. Funds from such sources shall be used ONLY for non partisan educational purposes, for propagation of democracy and fight against illiteracy, intolerance and bigotry.
  5. Finance Committee members shall be responsible and accountable that Funds of the party are audited by a Certified Public Accountant and information posted on the party website every year on or around 15th of April each year.

Article 7.  YOUTH ACTIVISM WING OR “Eagles”

The party celebrates the Youth of Pakistan as Warriors of Light or The Eagles.  Party shall endeavor that the youth participate in the political process of the country in a civil and lawful manner.

Warriors of Light or Eagles’ shall have the following powers and function.

Sections of Article 6.

  1. The Committee shall be headed by Chairman Eagles who shall be a member of the Central Executive Committee or a nominee thereof. The nominee shall be approved by the Party President.
  2. Chairman Eagles shall select the members of the Committee and lead a nation wide youth activism movement
  3. Chairman Eagles shall coordinate development of Party’s FOREIGN STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM for Universities and Colleges in the United States of America.
  4. Chairman Eagles shall serve as a role model for youth and encourage their participation in sports.
  5. The Committee shall devise ways and means to encourage the Youth of Pakistan to participate in the electoral process.
  6. The Committee shall actively participate as guidance counselor the youth members of the Party.
  7. Chairman Eagles shall devise a ceremonial Volunteer Workers Uniform for the youth similar to Scouts and Girl Guides. An official dress code shall be adopted on the guidelines of the Youth Scouts: Party Caps, Military berets, Badges, lapels, armbands and other ceremonial shall be worn.
  8. Chairman Eagles shall ensure that para military, civil defense training, and Emergency Medical Training EMT is imparted to interested youth.
  9. The Committee shall reach out to the Youth of Pakistan to help them identify positive and constructive goals for utilization of their spare time.
  10. The Committee shall help create teams of Youth volunteers in every unit of Pakistan and guide them into organization and activism.


Applicants for Party Membership shall voluntarily undertake OATH OF MEMBERSHIP which is available as on the party website. It read as follows:

God is my witness, the One whose Law governs the entire Universe and everything that is in it. Today, I declare upon my honor my allegiance to Jannat Pakistan Party and to the ideology of God’s Socialism, which it stands for.


  1. I declare that I am a lawful citizen of Pakistan and I have a valid Pakistan Identity Card. I promise to obey the Constitution and Laws of Pakistan.
  2. I understand that Jannat Pakistan Party is a Registered Political Party under the Constitution of Pakistan. I understand that Jannat Pakistan Party believes in equality of all human beings, men and women alike, irrespective of religion.
  3. I believe every citizen of Pakistan deserves to have an equal share in the wealth of Pakistan, irrespective of religion or beliefs.
  4. I believe in a Rule of Law and in separation of Religion and State. I pledge to give my respect to all great Law Givers whose names are associated with religions. I believe these Law Givers stood for freedom and equality of all human beings.
  5. I declare on Oath that I am not a member of any Terrorist Organization.
  6. I promise I shall not bear hatred or malice towards any human being of any religion or nationality.
  7. I pledge loyalty to the Amir of Jannat Pakistan Party. I promise to obey the decisions of Party President who is Amir e Jamaat, in every matter.
  8. By the Constitution of Jannat Pakistan Party I have the right to express my grievance and complaints to the Amir in PRIVATE, and that I have rights to a due process.
  9. By applying for a party membership card, I affirm my membership pledge.
  10. I understand that submitting false information can lead to termination of my party membership and legal action against me, including being banned for life from joining any Jannat Pakistan Party Assembly, Service or Community.
  11. I pledge on my honor and as my duty to God that I shall propagate the manifesto of the party to the best of my abilities. I understand that I shall not engage in any activity which is detrimental to the interests and honor of Pakistan and the Party.
  12. I understand that diversity is the strength of the Party, that all human beings are equal and I shall not engage in any religious sectarian discrimination.
  13. I understand that I shall be given a due process of representation in matters of allegations involving misconduct and discipline/ rule violation and that my membership may be revoked at the discretion of Central Executive Committee.




  1. Party Members are encouraged to celebrate their respective traditional and ceremonial religious rites. Party does not discriminate based on religion.
  2. Members shall accept full responsibility for their actions, shall not engage in bigotry and intolerance, must exhibit self-discipline and are expected to follow the principle of ‘common good over individual good’ in every matter.
  3. Members may be subject to disciplinary action as defined in Party Constitution.
  4. If members violate the Law of Pakistan members may be expelled from Party.
  5. Members are obligated to accept and embrace the decisions of Leader of Party. Members must follow Party ideology of Secularism and God’s Socialism in letter and spirit.