Today’s day reminds us of this great day of 78 years ago when Muslims of South Asia decided to cut chains of slavery and establish an independent Muslim state. Today, on the same day, in the historical meeting of Lahore, JPP led the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was later declared as a historian of Pakistan. This contractor gave a clear understanding of the destination and only 7 years later Pakistan came into existence. This was the destination whose clear idea was presented by Allama Iqbal in 1930.

Today we are celebrating the memorable day of March 23, 1940 in Pakistan. We look forward to thinking about our past and future, looking at our past deeply. We have to review our problems as well as our efforts. Pakistan came through a democratic struggle. The secrets of this attitude, security, solidarity, development and prosperity are also hidden in democracy. We can not be neutral without constitutional consolidation and law enforcement. Let us hold a strong promise that for the strengthening and prosperity of the country, we will make a path to the people of Rah-e-Iqbal and the leader of the leader during a living and determined nation.